Greece offers to waive 14-day quarantine for British holidaymakers

19 May 2020, 14:30

Holidaymakers could soon return to Greece
Holidaymakers could soon return to Greece. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

The Greek government has announced steps to loosen lockdown, including possible plans to allow holidaymakers to visit from next month.

British tourists could holiday in Greece with no restrictions from as early as 1 June, the country's government has announced.

Following a tightly imposed lockdown, including closing all schools and universities and strict restrictions on movement, just 151 deaths and 2,726 cases were recorded following the first recorded case on 26 February.

The country also imposed fines totalling £8.1 million to those who broke the rules.

In comparison, the UK has recorded 34,796 fatalities.

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The British government is still advising against non-essential travel abroad
The British government is still advising against non-essential travel abroad. Picture: PA

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The Greek government's plans to reopen the tourist sector could see travellers return to the country from June and will work in stages.

The first stage, which began on Monday, will be for people who own tourist businesses on the island to return to their properties.

From next Monday, workers will be granted permission to travel to these properties also.

There will be no restrictions on travel to and from mainland Greece from June 1 as long as no second wave emerges.

Greece's Tourism Minister, Harry Theoharis said: "Of course, we will take precautions in terms of the requirements before travelling.
 But also in the way that we travel.

"Social distancing rules will apply but we want to continue showing the kind of hospitality we're known for."

Mr Theocharis also said: "We will first see domestic tourism, then tourists from neighbouring countries, and then middle-distance countries and long-distance ones.

"Travelling by road will be safer initially than flying and we'll see that kind of tourists earlier."

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is currently advising against all non-essential foreign travel.