Half of workers fear for their jobs amid coronavirus pandemic

9 April 2020, 04:47

Workers are in fear of their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic
Workers are in fear of their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Around half of British workers are in fear for their jobs or are worried about being forced to take lower pay as the Covid-19 pandemic threatens companies, a new study has found.

Those working in London and Birmingham are most afraid of losing their job, according to the survey by jobs site Glassdoor.

Younger workers and those in small businesses are especially affected with coronavirus sweeping the country, the poll indicated.

Glassdoor said its findings suggested that those at an early stage in their careers do not have the same sense of job security as more experienced workers.

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Two-thirds of firms are not hiring any staff at the moment because of the crisis, said Glassdoor.

Managing director John Lamphiere said: "The Covid-19 pandemic is causing understandable anxiety within the UK workforce, with employees across the country, across all sectors, concerned over job security.

"For employers, the message from employees is loud and clear - take away our financial benefits before you take away our jobs.

"Employees are willing to give up part of their salary, or financial rewards such as pay rises and bonuses, to prevent companies from having to lay off staff.

"This attitude, coupled with government support for businesses in the form of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - and more - are all lifelines to help businesses stay afloat during these challenging times and continue serving their respective communities."