Hundreds of people moved on from illegal rave in North Yorkshire

5 July 2020, 08:34

Hundreds of people were moved on by police
Hundreds of people were moved on by police. Picture: PA

By Asher McShane

Police cleared hundreds of people from a rave in North Yorkshire last night.

Cleveland Police said they dispersed more than 200 people from the illegal rave in the Eston area with the assistance of the National Police Air Service.

“Officers safely led away over 200 people from a wooded area in Eston, following information about an illegal rave being held in the area,” police said.

Supt Emily Harrison said the illegal rave was "unacceptable & won't be tolerated," she added that the people in attendance "pose potential safety concerns and attending places an unnecessary burden on our NHS colleagues who have been working hard to keep us all safe.”

Police said their enquiries are ongoing.