Joe Denly: Was that the worst dropped catch in test cricket history?

3 December 2019, 04:37 | Updated: 3 December 2019, 05:54

England cricketer Joe Denly appears to have secured his place in the history books - by dropping what is being described as the easiest catch in test cricket.

In fact, the chance offered to him by New Zealand captain Kane Williamson was so easy, the bowler was already celebrating.

It was only when Williamson gestured for him to look back that Jofra Archer turned around and saw the Kent man hunched over with the ball on the turf.

Quite how he managed to drop such a simple catch, even he would probably struggle to explain but somehow the ball escaped his grasp.

To Archer's credit he managed a smile while the rest of the England team held their heads in their hands in disbelief.

In the Sky Sports studio, former England batsman Mark Butcher said: "He must have fallen asleep!

"That is astonishing! We'll probably find one or two others that have happened down the years but I don't know how you can drop this. It's virtually impossible."

And with his name trending on Twitter, cricket fans offered their take on butterfingers Denly's horrific howler.

"I play cricket at a pretty bad standard and that drop from Joe Denly is by far the worst I have ever seen," wrote StuJones94.

"I genuinely think that Joe Denly needs to be arrested for that drop," tommyselwood said.

Jimmybnorwich wrote: "Joe Denly… my 7-year-old with a blindfold on would be disappointed to drop that."

And to make matters worse, Williamson went on the complete his 21st test century before the game petered out into a dull draw.

However, rh0desy offered some comfort by posting a video of a Mike Gatting blooper he suggested could be the worst.