Lily Allen appears to shed 'tears' over launch of Labour manifesto

22 November 2019, 06:20

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Lily Allen has shared a bizarre video of her "crying" in response to Labour's manifesto, saying it is "the best" she has "ever seen."

The pop singer uploaded two separate videos to both her TikTok and Twitter profiles that appear to show her crying in response to Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto.

In the videos she can be heard gasping for air as she says: "Guys, I've watched the Labour manifesto and I'm... I think it's the best manifesto I've ever seen."

She added the hashtags: "#RealChange #LabourManifesto" which had both been trending on social media on Thursday.

Some keen social media users were quick to point out the tears may have been faked through the use of a filter on the video sharing platform TikTok.

It took Ms Allen several hours to respond to suggestions the video was not originally as it seems, which was long enough for critics to jump on the musician's back.

One harsh Twitter user said: "Wow. All of those former celebrities that I’d totally forgotten about because their 15 minutes of fame have passed. Have come crawling out of the woodwork trying to make themselves feel relevant again."

At around 9pm she took to social media again to ask her followers a question.

She said: "What’s the difference between people who thought I was crying real tears in my TikTok video today, and people who believe that cancelling our membership with the biggest trading bloc in the world, with no deal, is a good idea?

"I’ll wait."

Roughly 20 minutes later, she uploaded another post saying she was "legit too scared to even open my Facebook tonight."

The baffling videos have been released on the same day as Labour's manifesto, which plans to introduce some of the most "radical" changes to the United Kingdom in the post-war period.

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