Meghan Markle tells High School 'George Floyd's life mattered'

4 June 2020, 07:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Duchess of Sussex said George Floyd's life "mattered" as she delivered an address to students at her former school.

Meghan told students at Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles the mass protests that have taken place across the US have been "absolutely devastating".

In a video of her virtual address, she said she was "nervous" about addressing graduates and speaking about events of the previous weeks.

Meghan told the all-girls school on Wednesday: "What is happening in our country and in our state and in our hometown of LA, has been absolutely devastating.

"I wasn't sure what I could say to you. I wanted to say the right thing and I was really nervous that I wouldn't, or it would get picked apart.

"And I realised the only wrong thing to say is to say nothing, because George Floyd's life mattered, and Breonna Taylor's life mattered and Philando Castile's life mattered and Tamir Rice's life mattered.

"And so did so many other people whose names we know and whose names we do not know."

The Royal was speaking to her former high school
The Royal was speaking to her former high school. Picture: PA

After the Royal admitted she did not know where to start or what to say, he told the school pupils she realised the only wrong thing to say was to say nothing.

She also apologised to those graduating that they have to grow up in a world "where this is still present."

"I am sorry that we have not got the world to a place that you deserve it to be," she said in her emotional speech, shared by Essence.