Mother claims she was named and shamed online for missing 'clap for carers'

24 April 2020, 16:03

NHS workers take part in last night's clapping effort
NHS workers take part in last night's clapping effort. Picture: PA

By Ewan Somerville

A mother claims she was “named and shamed” by neighbours after accidentally falling asleep and missing the clap for carers.

The woman, who did not give her name or location, said she failed to appear at the doorstep for the weekly salute to NHS workers after a “rough night” with her son.

Despite having turned out on previous Thursdays for the 8pm applause, she said a post soon appeared on her community Facebook group outing her.

Writing on the parents' forum Mumsnet, she said: The post said everyone else turned out and I showed the street up and if I can't spend a minute showing my appreciation I don't deserve to use the NHS if I or my family get ill”.

She said she was “mortified” and that the post has left her “really upset” and feeling like “a total outcast on my previously friendly street”.

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Other Mumsnet users flooded in to offer their sympathy.

“How dare they, I just can’t believe the cheek of people who do things like this,” one fumed.

The woman behind the original post replied: “It's really disturbing how quickly people are ready to turn on each other and "report" each other.”

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Another user commented: “As an NHS worker, I think that's absolutely awful of people to name and shame you. The clapping is lovely and demonstrates the support the NHS is receiving right now.”

Another raged: “That is ridiculous. Your neighbour sounds unhinged! It’s not a compulsory activity and you can still appreciate the work that frontline staff are doing whether or not you bang a saucepan. I would have to reply and shame them back.”

Thousands have turned out weekly for the past month to clap, cheer and bang kitchen utensils in support of NHS staff battling coronavirus on the front line.

It comes as crowds were rebuked for a second time in a week for descending on Westminster Bridge to clap for carers while floating social distancing rules.