New Scottish MEP Heather Anderson starts role four days before Brexit

28 January 2020, 21:17 | Updated: 28 January 2020, 21:49

A new Scottish MEP says she is "delighted" to have started her role - even though it will only last four days. 

Heather Anderson told Sky News she "would love to be here longer" as all the UK's elected representatives in Strasbourg prepare to lose their jobs on Brexit day.

She took up the seat after its previous incumbent, Alyn Smith, quit to stand in last month's general election and became MP for Stirling.

Ms Anderson said it was a "tragedy" Scotland was leaving the EU on 31 January "against our will and without our consent".

With a key final stage in the Brexit process looming, she told Sky News her short stint in France was about focusing on the vote MEPs will hold to sign off the withdrawal agreement on Wednesday.

She also wants to "speak to as many people as possible about Scotland's views on Brexit and our aim to return".

The Scottish National Party MEP told Sky News: "I am looking on these four days as the first four days, not the last.

"Scotland will apply to rejoin the European Union as soon as we have secured our independence.

"Our best future is as an independent European country.

"I would love to return if the chance arises."

She continued: "Unfortunately we didn't manage the stop the Brexit bus but we can try and protect the people of Scotland from the crash. That's our priority."

Ms Anderson added that she was getting no pension or pay-off, just money for four days' work.