NHS worker praises nurses after losing two family members to coronavirus

28 April 2020, 08:37

Jo Bellion has praised the work of NHS nurses
Jo Bellion has praised the work of NHS nurses. Picture: LBC

By Kate Baldock

A mother of two, from Birmingham who works as a pharmacy dispenser has spoken of her admiration in not leaving her 71-year-old dad, Terry, to die alone after she said goodbye to him on Facetime.

Jo Bellion and her husband Andy had been left reeling from the shock of losing his dad, Mark after he was experiencing Covid-19 symptoms for 10 days before he had a heart attack and shortly after went into multi-organ failure, before her father died the same way.

She told us it’s left her 6-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter scared and confused as they are struggling to process losing two grandparents in such a short amount of time.

Jo has hailed the Clap for Carers which takes place every Thursday night across the country, and most recently she clapped for the nurses at Heartlands Hospital and Moseley Hall Hospital who cared for her dad and father-in-law.

As Boris Johnson has returned to work after his brush with coronavirus and has vowed not to undo all the good work by the British people in social distancing, Jo says she’s paranoid about going out and couldn’t believe it when she saw a family of 4 in the supermarket together recently.

The two men died just days apart
The two men died just days apart. Picture: Family handout
Jo said goodbye to her dad on FaceTime
Jo said goodbye to her dad on FaceTime. Picture: Family handout
Jo praised NHS staff
Jo praised NHS staff. Picture: Family handout

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As we still have little clue as to when the lockdown will end, or even be eased Jo told us it scares her that some people haven’t been following it as it could be the case we’re back here again and with more deaths – something the government have been pointed out on numerous occasions.

But with lockdown showing no immediate signs of easing, Jo, her husband Mark – and thousands of other families across the UK must grieve in solace until they can be reunited with other family members to share the grief of loved ones lost too soon.