Police break up 'massive' karaoke party during coronavirus lockdown

29 March 2020, 18:53

Derbyshire Police were "shocked" to find a "massive" party taking place during the lockdown
Derbyshire Police were "shocked" to find a "massive" party taking place during the lockdown. Picture: Derbyshire Police

By Matt Drake

Police were left in "absolute shock" after having to break up a "massive" karaoke party during the coronavirus lockdown.

Derbyshire Police said they could not believe the disregard for the Covid-19 lockdown measures when responding to the 25-person gathering in Dover Street, Normanton, at 10pm on Saturday.

Officers posted photos of the party on social media, showing a table covered in food and drink and large speakers in use.

The force said "strong words of advice" were given to all those inside and the gathering was dispersed.

No further action was taken.

Derbyshire Police tweeted: "Officers have just attended an address in absolute shock to find 25 adults and children having a massive party with speakers and karaoke.

"It is clear people are still having complete disregard for the government advice and rules."

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This week, Derbyshire Police introduced measures to prevent gatherings in the county by dyeing a "blue lagoon" in Buxton black to deter visitors.

The force had already come under fire for using drone footage to shame people travelling into the Peak District to walk in the hills.

It comes after the government passed the Coronavirus Bill which gives the police unprecedented powers to enforce lockdown measures, including issuing fines and dispersing gatherings.

Some forces have even asked people to inform on on their neighbours if they breach quarantine rules.

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Former crime commissioner proposed Tasers or "something more permanent" for those who don't obey lockdown rules

Online portals were set up in Humberside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, and Avon and Somerset Police for people to submit tip-offs.

Writing in The Sunday Times Lord Jonathan Sumption, former Supreme Court Justice and Reith Lecturer, said the laws have a lot of public support but could come at a cost of personal liberty.

However, Boris Johnson has also been criticised by some commentators for not introducing stronger measures more quickly.

It comes as the death toll for coronavirus has risen to over a thousand in the UK, currently standing at 1,228.