Police officer freed after getting stuck in handcuffs during training

19 August 2020, 11:18

The police officer was cut free from the set of handcuffs
The police officer was cut free from the set of handcuffs. Picture: @corenorepol

By Asher McShane

A police officer had to be freed from a set of broken handcuffs by firefighters after getting stuck in them during a training session.

Northamptonshire police training sergeant Scott Renwick joked “this could well make my career” after being freed by Northamptonshire firefighters.

The fire service posted on Twitter yesterday: “Police Officer released from handcuffs after they had failed, used pedal cutters to release.”

Sgt Renwick had to walk himself to the fire station to be cut free from the cuffs.

After the unfortunate incident, the officer posted: “Well that wasn’t a good start to the day.

"Thanks to Northants Fire for cutting me out of some broken cuffs. #NotFunny. I would have laughed too!!

The incident sparked an onslaught of ribbing from colleagues who demanded the officer pay a “cake fine” over the incident.

One person responded: “That's not so much a cake fine, more the whole bakery.”

Sgt Renwick replied: “IT WAS MEEE. I NEED A CAKE FACTORY.”