Postman Banned From Street After Taking Water Pistol From Boy, 5, Who Squirted Him

29 April 2017, 17:24 | Updated: 29 April 2017, 19:15

A postman who confiscated a water pistol from a five-year-old who sprayed him has been banned from the street it happened in by the Royal Mail.

CCTV footage shows a postman being sprayed by a boy and his two friends after the Royal Mail van pulled up on their street in Wales. 

The boys were playing about with the water pistol toy when the van parked up on the road - but they soon directed their target towards the postmen and their vehicle. 

This didn't go down well, with one of the postmen taking the watergun away and throwing it into the back of his van, before driving away.

Royal Mail described the postie’s behaviour as “not acceptable” and said he will not be delivering to addresses on the family’s street until further notice.

Beverley Turner will be discussing this clip on her show at 7pm. Listen live here.