Prince Louis' first word was 'Mary' after Kate's love of Bake Off star

15 December 2019, 15:50

The Duchess of Cambridge loves the Bake Off legend
The Duchess of Cambridge loves the Bake Off legend. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that one of Prince Louis' first words was "Mary" after being exposed to her love for Mary Berry.

She told the Bake Off Star: "One of Louis' first words was 'Mary', because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf.

"And children are really fascinated by faces, and your faces are all over your cooking books and he would say 'That's Mary Berry' ... so he would definitely recognise you if he saw you."

The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, have been spending time with Ms Berry as they prepare for a new TV show in which the trio go on four separate visits, including to two charities they support.

Berry described William and Kate as "remarkable".

Kate and William are big fans of Mary Berry
Kate and William are big fans of Mary Berry. Picture: PA
Prince Louis will turn two in April
Prince Louis will turn two in April. Picture: PA

The culinary star says: "They don't just arrive and shake a few hands make a few smiles and a speech, they want to get involved, and they want to see what they can do.

"And it isn't just one visit, they come back again and ask for the results and they remember who they spoke to last time. I think that's remarkable."

Speaking to The Mail On Sunday's You magazine, Berry reflected on meeting William and Kate, comparing them to pigeons, which are believed to be romantic birds who mate for life.

Berry, 84, said: "They really are a pigeon couple.

"When they are together, he's constantly touching her arm and looking over at her smiling and she's the same with him. So natural."