Ryanair ridiculed after trolling British Airways over wrong destination gaffe

26 March 2019, 18:31 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 20:56

Ryanair has been ridiculed for poking fun at British Airways after one of its planes flew to Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf by mistake.

A paperwork error was blamed after passengers on a BA flight from London City Airport to the German city ended up in the Scottish capital.

Ryanair tweeted: "Hey British Airways, we have a present for you," alongside a picture of the book Geography for Dummies.

BA replied: "Now, now. No one is perfect."

Other Twitter users turned Ryanair's ridicule back onto the no-frills carrier.

Nigel Johnstone said: "Hey Ryanair, you may not know this but the subject is navigation, not geography."

Andy Hollinson posted: "British Airways are missing a trick. Ryanair would have charged double for the second destination."

Richard Spaven reminded Ryanair of one of its own flights that arrived well behind schedule.

In January, passengers on a flight from Stansted to Thessaloniki arrived almost 24 hours after departing.

Foggy conditions in Greece meant the plane was diverted to Timisoara in western Romania, after which Ryanair offered to transport passengers to Thessaloniki by bus - a journey of 480 miles that takes over eight hours.

James Cole tweeted a picture of Employment Law for Dummies - presumably referring to Ryanair being forced to cancel hundreds of flights in 2018 following strike action by pilots and staff.

In December, the Civil Aviation Authority began enforcement action against Ryanair for refusing to compensate passengers for strike disruption.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user posted a picture of Customer Service for Dummies - perhaps referencing the fact that in January Ryanair was named the worst airline for short-haul flights from the UK for the sixth consecutive year.

Passengers gave the Dublin-based carrier the lowest possible rating on boarding, seat comfort, refreshments and cabin environment, according to a survey.