Blackpool Cyclist Road Rage Incident Caught On Video

31 August 2017, 12:48 | Updated: 31 August 2017, 12:53

The bizarre video filmed from the dashboard of a taxi shows a man apparently goading cars and chasing them on his bike.

The incident happened just after 7:30am on Monday, August 28. A driver for Premier Cars in Blackpool had was in traffic when his dash cam caught a cyclist steering erratically near a rubbish truck before riding out in front of it.

The video doesn’t show exactly what happened next, but the driver can be heard saying: “He’s come off his bike I think. He’s in front somewhere, I don’t know what’s going on, he’s having a go at the dustman now.”

The rubbish truck manages to drive around the man and get away. At this point he turns his attention to the taxi.

He walks up to the car with his arms out. The taxi pulls forward slightly and the man stumbles onto the bonnet and grabs a windscreen wiper before bending it.

As this happens the taxi driver tries to reassure his female passenger, saying: “It’s ok, the guy’s crazy. It’s alright don’t worry, the guy’s nuts.”

The taxi driver manages to pull away and drive around the man, but that was not the end of the incident.

As the driver heads towards the station the cyclist speeds into a junction, coming off his bike. He stands in the road gesturing towards the taxi again. The driver reverses and goes down a different road to get away, saying: “The guy’s crazy”.

Police are investigation the incident. No arrests have been made.