Shocking footage emerges of attack on 'Stop Brexit' man Steve Bray

21 January 2020, 08:42

By Matt Drake

Shocking footage has emerged of anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray being attacked by a group of thugs while campaigning outside the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Bray, who is known as his alter-ego "Mr Stop Brexit Man," was demonstrating in support of protecting child refugees through the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

But he was attacked by a group of men - with one stealing his "Stop Brexit" hat.

While pursuing one of his tormenters, he appears to hit one man with his megaphone.

Shortly afterwards, he is tripped over and another attacker stamps on the megaphone.

Mr Bray says the incident has made him more determined to campaign
Mr Bray says the incident has made him more determined to campaign. Picture: Twitter - Press Association

The video was allegedly posted by one of the attackers and then retweeted by Mike Stuchbery.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Stuchbery said: "A pack of young Brexiteers attacked Remain protester Steve Bray in London yesterday, damaging his equipment and leaving him with light injuries.

"The thugs were stupid enough to film their violence. Repugnant, and not a good herald of things to come."

On Facebook, Mr Bray confirmed the incident, claiming he was set on by "six to eight far-right fascists".

He said: "At the time of leaving the protest we were followed, harassed and I was set on by six to eight far-right fascists.

"I wasn't going to say anything as we don't want to give these thugs oxygen. Due to people's concerns I feel I have to.

"I am fine, superficial cuts to my leg, a feeble effort punch to the face. The megaphone is being repaired and I've replaced the trousers already."

The anti-Brexit activist added that the incident has made him more determined to continue his campaigning.

He continued: "This does not make me afraid or want to give up in any way if anything it makes me want to stand up more to defend our democracy, our rights and our place within the European Union.

"This is the ugly face of nationalism and thuggery, something we strive to stamp out and in all honesty happens time and time again to many of us.

"I'll let the police deal with this in the meantime. The only thing that has changed is my determination to step up this fight. See you all soon."

The Metropolitan Police confirmed they attended the incident but no arrests were made.

A spokesperson said: "Police were called at around 2.50pm on Saturday, 18 January to reports of an assault on Horse Guards Road, Westminster.

"A man and a woman, both in their 50s, reported they had been verbally abused by a number of men as they walked down the road. One of the suspects then assaulted the male.

"Neither required medical assistance.

"The suspects had left the area prior to police arrival; no arrests have been made."