Chance of snow next week if Indian cyclones cause UK cold snap

19 November 2021, 19:03 | Updated: 19 November 2021, 19:20

The Met Office have warned of a UK cold snap from Thursday next week
The Met Office have warned of a UK cold snap from Thursday next week. Picture: Alamy

By Megan Hinton

Temperatures are set to plummet across the UK next week, with the Met Office warning snow could be on the way.

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A icy blast from the Atlantic is set to hit the UK on Thursday next week which could bring with it snow, wintry showers and temperatures below freezing.

Tropical cyclones and enhanced rainfall in India are set to push the jet stream further south in the coming days causing "a burst of energy" in the weather system.

According to meteorologist Alex Deakin, the tropical cyclones will "amplify" the jet stream "opening the door" to northerly winds in the UK by November 25.

Speaking on behalf of the Met Office, Mr Deakin said: "We are pretty sure this will happen at some point next week.

"[This] would bring significantly wintry weather, snow would be likely at relatively low levels across the northern half of the UK.

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But the forecaster has warned the weather could easily change: "This scenario has probably only about 25 per cent chance of happening at the moment.

"It does look like though, either way, that we are in for a colder spell with snow on northern hills at least and perhaps some to lower levels as well.

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He added: "There is nothing unusual about seeing snow across the UK in late November but because it's been very mild, this could be of note."

In northern areas of the UK, residents could see temperatures fall below freezing to -1 degrees Celsius whilst in London and other southern areas temperatures are set to drop to around two degrees Celsius.

According to the official Met Office forecast, conditions are set to "feel cold, with overnight frost likely to be fairly breezy".