Study suggests Covid-19 immunity might only last a few months

13 July 2020, 07:27

Covid-19 immunity could only last for a few months
Covid-19 immunity could only last for a few months. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Covid-19 immunity for recovered patients could only last a few months, according to a new study.

The research by King's College London suggests immunity antibodies could decrease significantly in the three months following infection with Covid-19.

This would mean patients were susceptible to reinfection should other outbreaks occur, as with the common cold.

The study is believed to be the first longitudinal study of its kind saw researchers investigate the immune response of 90 patients and healthcare workers at Guy's and St Thomas NHS Trust.

The analysis revealed a "potent" levels of antibodies were found in 60 per cent of participants while at the peak of their battle against coronavirus.

However, sequential blood tests showed just 17 per cent of those sustained the same levels three months later.

The research found antibodies decreased 23-fold in some cases, and were depleted entirely in others.

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The report states that its findings have "important implications when considering widespread (antibody) testing, (antibody) protection against re-infection with (Covid 19) and the durability of vaccine protection."

It added: "Further studies using sequential samples from these individuals is required to fully determine the longevity of the (antibody) response and studies determining the (antibodies') threshold for protection from re-infection are needed."