The Man Who Missed The Lockerbie Flight By A Matter Of Minutes

21 December 2018, 15:17

It’s 30 years since the deadly Lockerbie bombing. Jaswant Basuta missed the flight by a matter of minutes and became the first suspect shortly after. This is his incredible story.

On the 21st of December 1988, Pan Am flight 103 - en route from Heathrow to New York - blew up over the Scottish town.

The bombing killed 270 people - and Mr Basuta would have been on the deadly flight, if he’d not stuck around for a drink with a relative.

- Lockerbie victims remembered - 30 years on from the terror attack that killed 270 people

His luggage was loaded onto the flight - but when he arrived at the gate it was too late for him to board.

Shortly after the explosion, he instantly became a prime suspect and was arrested by police.

Mr Basuta has now shared his incredible story with LBC.

Watch it above.