There is "no way" people will accept ban on cruises, travel operator tells Eddie Mair

10 July 2020, 18:32

Travel operator tells Eddie Mair there is "no way" people will accept ban on cruises

A travel operator has said there is "no way" people will accept a ban on cruises, after the Foreign Office urged travellers to stay away.

Debbie Marshall, who works for Silver Travel, a company which organises trips for elderly travellers, told LBC's Eddie Mair there has been "so much work" done to ensure it is now safe to welcome people on board.

Back at the start of the coronavirus outbreak, there were multiple reports of mass outbreaks on board across multiple ships.

And despite the government announcing a raft of relaxations on travelling to a number of destinations, they are still advising against cruise ship holidays.

The FCO said it will "continue to review" the measures, which are “based on medical advice” from Public Health England.

Ms Marshall said: "Obviously if you turn back the clocks a few months the cruise industry really got hit hard with bad publicity when there was outbreaks of cases on board.

Cruise ship holidays have ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic
Cruise ship holidays have ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. Picture: PA

"At the end of the day there really weren't many people who died but it really gave the big impression that cruises weren't safe.

"There has been so much work that has taken place since then to really put together new protocols to make it safe.

"They're taking it so seriously and professionally and the cruise companies and cruise liners association wants to work with the government to get it right because many many people love cruising, and there are people who just will not want to stop cruising.

"There's no way they will stop and be told they can't do it and we need to make it safe and enjoyable for them."

Listen to the exchange in the video above.