Thousands of Pringles tubes cover motorway after lorry fire

12 January 2020, 17:02

Thousands of burnt Pringles tubes covered the road
Thousands of burnt Pringles tubes covered the road. Picture: Highways England

By Maddie Goodfellow

A motorway was left covered with thousands of burnt tubes of Pringles after a lorry caught fire.

The lorry burst into flames on the M1 near Derbyshire at around 7am, causing the motorway to be closed off.

A slip road was closed as a result.

The driver managed to escape the vehicle unhurt and saved the tractor unit before it caught fire.

Singed tubed of Pringles were seen littering the road from the side of the vehicle after the incident.

The cleanup operation took hours
The cleanup operation took hours. Picture: Highways England
The lorry caught fire
The lorry caught fire. Picture: Highways England

The huge cleanup operation meant the road couldn't be reopened until after 2pm.

Highways England tweeted: "The northbound off slip at J25 #M1 still closed due to the ongoing fire incident."