Two teenagers jailed for "shocking and cruel" knife attack in Brixton

11 October 2019, 19:58

Rishon Florant and Chibuzo Ukonuat were found guilty at the Old Bailey
Rishon Florant and Chibuzo Ukonuat were found guilty at the Old Bailey. Picture: PA

By Maddie Goodfellow

The two teenagers were convicted on Friday at the Old Bailey for attacking and killing 23-year-old Glendon Spence in a youth club in Brixton.

Aspiring mechanic Glendon Spence was killed in a "shocking a cruel" attack inside a youth centre in Brixton in February.

Glendon Spence and his friends sought refuge in the Marcus Lipton Youth Centre after two hooded teenagers ran at them with large knives.

Mr Spence tripped and fell in the youth cub and was set upon by one of the boys in a "swift and merciless" attack, witnessed by staff and youngsters.

He suffered a stab wound to his thigh which severed the femoral artery, and was pronounced dead at the scene soon after the attack on the evening of February 21.

His attackers were driven off by an accomplice in a BMW.

Glendon Spence was murdered in Brixton
Glendon Spence was murdered in Brixton. Picture: PA

Rishon Florant, 18, of Peterborough Road, Waltham Forest, east London, denied delivering the fatal wound.

However his co-accused, 18-year-old Chibuzo Ukonu, of Loughton, Essex, identified Florant as the killer.

The jury deliberated for 21 hours to find Florant guilty of murder and Ukonu guilty of manslaughter last month.

Judge Mark Dennis QC ordered Florant to be detained for at least 18 years and handed Ukonu 14 years in a young offenders' institute.

He told the pair: "The whole event had taken less than 90 seconds. Glendon Spence died at the scene from heavy bloody loss.

"The exact motive for the attack is unknown, however the attack has all the hallmarks for organised gang violence.

"This was grave offending of the utmost seriousness. The CCTV captured what was a shocking and cruel attack and one which would have horrified or caused great alarm to anyone that witnessed it.

"You are both young men attracted to and engaged in an urban culture that embraces violence."

The court heard how Florant had multiple previous convictions for carrying knives dating back to when he was aged 15.

Ukonu also had a conviction for carrying a 12-inch combat knife when he was aged 15.

He was also caught possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply.

Florant laughed and shouted up to friends in the public gallery as he was handed his sentence.