UK coronavirus death toll rises by 861 to 13,729

16 April 2020, 14:49

The UK death toll continues to rise
The UK death toll continues to rise. Picture: PA

By Kate Buck

The UK coronavirus death toll now stands at 13,729 after 861 people died in one day.

Today has also marked the first time that confirmed cases of coronavirus have gone above 100,000 in the UK.

According to figures put out by the Department of Health and Social Care, the number of cases now stands at 103,093.

It is thought the true number of cases is much higher, as people are currently only being tested if they are either key workers or those who have needed to be hospitalised.

Among the victims of the outbreak are a pregnant nurse whose baby, a little girl, was delivered successfully and is said to be doing well.

The latest figure comes as the government claimed the "capacity" for coronavirus testing has now reached 35,000 each day - despite the numbers of tests being carried out in 24 hours so far not even reaching 20,000.

Boris Johnson's spokesperson said this was because there was a "lack of demand" for the tests.

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The country has been on lockdown since 23 March
The country has been on lockdown since 23 March. Picture: PA

There have also been growing calls for staff in care homes to be tested for the virus, following reports of outbreaks of the virus in a number of them.

It was revealed on Tuesday that only 505 care home staff had been tested, although the government says around 6,000 have been invited to be tested.

Official statistics in England state that around 15 per cent of care homes have reported cases, while in Scotland it has been estimated one in four homes could be infected.

The latest figures also come as the UK waits to hear what the governments plans are for the ongoing lockdown.

Dominic Raab is chairing a meeting about the ongoing lockdown measures today
Dominic Raab is chairing a meeting about the ongoing lockdown measures today. Picture: PA

It is likely it will be extended though to May, after first being brought in on 23 March.

First Secretary Dominic Raab lead a meeting of ministers and scientific advisers today to discuss the measures which will be put in place.

On Wednesday the Government's Chief Medical Officer said the death toll may rise later this week, but that he believes the UK is "probably" reaching the peak of the outbreak.

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