UK weather: Two inches of rain and flooding expected in parts of UK

22 November 2019, 15:11 | Updated: 23 November 2019, 10:14

Up to two inches of rain (over 50mm) could fall in parts the UK today, with four weather warnings in place across the country.

The heavy rain comes less than two weeks after the North East suffered heavy flooding, with residents now bracing themselves for a further deluge.

The South West is likely to be worst affected, after rain began to fall overnight, with heavy and persistent rain is forecast to last for around 30 hours.

The wet weather will then move towards Scotland throughout the day.

The warnings are all yellow, meaning those areas should expect persistent rain leading to some flooding and disruption.

Nine flood warnings have been put in place throughout England by the Environment Agency, mainly in the South West and North East, with an additional 77 less severe alerts.

It comes after two people died when a tree fell on their car in Gloucestershire on Thursday evening.

Police say the weather is a line of inquiry into the deaths.

Firefighters in Devon and Cornwall have warned drivers to stay away from flooded roads.

Damage to property, travel delays and cancellations, loss of water supplies, power cuts and, in the most severe cases, danger to life are also possible.

Between 20 and 30mm of rain is expected widely in the region, though the up-slopes of Dartmoor in south Devon could see 40-50mm of rain.

The average rainfall for Devon and Cornwall during November is roughly 135-45mm.

Sky News weather forecaster Chris England said: "It will be unsettled over the next few days, with widespread heavy showers or longer spells of rain bringing a risk of localised flooding and making driving difficult.

"South West and North East England and eastern Scotland look most at risk, with 15-40mm, around 0.5 to 1.5in, of rain likely at lower levels and double that on the hills."

A Met Office spokesman said areas such as Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire will be hit by persistent rain for most of the day.

Like parts of the North East, the region is still recovering from heavy flooding that caused devastation in many communities in the last two weeks.

Two weather warnings have been issued for northeast Scotland, where 20-40mm is likely through Aberdeenshire, and areas of high ground could reach 60-80mm in addition to thawing snow.