Tom Moore's daughter: Even we don't know the total - it could be much, much more than £13m

16 April 2020, 12:51

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The daughter of World War 2 hero Tom Moore, 99, who raised £13 million for the NHS, today said that she thinks the total may be even higher.

Hannah Ingram-Moore said it was "outstanding" that her father had managed to raise so much money for the NHS but she said she thinks it might be even higher than the official tally states, because the donations website keeps crashing as millions flock to donate.

Captain Tom told LBC News the whole thing started out as a "family joke."

He said that as he approached his 100th birthday his family suggested he do 100 laps of the garden to raise £1,000.

The World War 2 hero said it was "phenomenal" that so much money had been raised for the NHS, and he would never have thought it would happen in a hundred years.

Army veteran Tom Moore who has raised millions for the NHS
Army veteran Tom Moore who has raised millions for the NHS. Picture: PA

The former Army officer praised the NHS workers who were putting themselves into "harm's way, every morning and every evening."

The man who has done so much for the NHS even took time to thank healthcare workers and those who had donated to his campaign, "thank you very much," he said, "you're doing so well for the country, and for our national service."

After completing his 100 laps he said he would have a "little bit of rest, but not for long. I've got to start walking again."

Captain Tom Moore's daughter Hannah spoke to LBC News
Captain Tom Moore's daughter Hannah spoke to LBC News. Picture: LBC News

Speaking after Captain Tom Moore completed 100 laps of his garden, raising more than £13 million for the health service, his proud daughter said when they started out they were only aiming to make a few thousand pounds.

"We realised after a couple of days, we started to dream about £5,000," she said they thought if they did "super well" they might be able to make £5,000 by the end of the month.

Hannah told LBC News ten days later they do not know the full total raised because the JustGiving site has crashed, but she said: "We think it's much, much more than £13 million."

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When LBC News asked what she thought about a proposed national campaign to have her father knighted, Hannah said: "what an amazing recognition of him, if that is to be true."

"But if that's what people believe should happen, how fantastic for him."

She revealed to LBC News the family were getting more than 20,000 emails from around the world and they were working flat out to answer them all.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock called Captain Tom Moore an "an inspiration to us all".

"I saw the video a little while ago, a few days ago, and I was just inspired," Mr Hancock told reporters.

"And then I've been following him since, as the amount he has raised has gone up and up and up.

"Captain Tom, he has served his country in the past and he's serving his country now, both raising that money for the NHS, for which I know NHS charities are going to be incredibly proud and grateful, but also cheering us all up.

"And we all need a bit of cheering up sometimes."

Tom Moore has raised millions for the NHS
Tom Moore has raised millions for the NHS. Picture: Tom Moore

What makes Captain Moore's feat even more remarkable is that just 18 months ago, he broke his hip.

Describing his feat, Hannah added: "He is your stoic Yorkshire man. And having broke his hip 18 months ago he know full well that if he didn't keep walking he would stop walking altogether.

"When he was in his eighties he had two new knees, and the way he got around that was by cycling every day a week after he'd had them done.

"He's compelled to stay fit and active, he says there's no fun in getting old but at least try and stay as fit as you can."