Watch as UK stops again to applaud NHS and frontline workers

16 April 2020, 21:03

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

Brits across the country joined LBC News and our sister stations to applaud our brave NHS and frontline workers who are tackling coronavirus.

The UK came together once again on Thursday evening in showing their gratitude towards those on the frontline of the battle against Covid-19.

More touching footage has emerged across social media of Brits taking to the streets to clap, cheer and ring bells for those NHS and frontline workers.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab posted a video on Twitter of him and Chancellor Rishi Sunak "paying tribute to all the heroes on the frontline of the fight against" the disease.

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also uploaded footage, with the caption: "Proud as always tonight to #ClapForOurCarers #ClapForTheNHS - and indeed for everyone working to keep essential services going at this time.

"Thank you all."

The prime minister's spokesman said Boris Johnson joined in with the Clap for Our Carers tonight to say thank you for the "incredible efforts of the country's doctors, nurses and care workers."

Police Scotland posted a video of their workers clapping while socially distancing outside of Edinburgh Castle. Police cars can be seen flashing their lights while bagpipes are playing in the background.

One video posted on Twitter showed a man outside his front door playing the saxophone for his neighbours.

Another saw a someone dressed in a dinosaur outfit in Birmingham running round the street banging on a pan.

And in Woolwich, London, clapping and the drumming of pots could be heard as the camera panned across an eye-catching view of the capital's skyline.

Staff at Lucknam Park Hotel & Spa posted a video of them clapping along to the tune of Queen's "We Will Rock You" with the words "We Say Thank You" dubbed over the top.

Videos have emerged from across the whole of the UK, including Newcastle, Bristol, Castleford, Essex and North Ayrshire.

Many more were uploaded on social media.

All of us here at Global asked you to join us in thanking our NHS staff and carers who are working around the clock to protect us during the coronavirus outbreak.

They really are the unsung heroes of this country – and, even though this is only the beginning of what looks set to be a challenging and difficult few months, we here at LBC News want them to know, on behalf of you and everybody listening right now – how much they are appreciated.

Which is why, today, we wanted to say thank you.

At 8pm, we stopped everything to take a minute to put our hands together and make some noise for the doctors, nurses, carers, GP’s, pharmacists and all the NHS staff who are working hard to help those affected by the coronavirus.

You turned your radio up and opened your windows and front doors, stood on your balcony or in your garden and showed your support with some rapturous applause for our heroes.

Show us how you marked the moment on social media @LBCNews.