Welsh First Minister warns lockdown easing will not continue if rules are broken

26 June 2020, 10:29

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The Welsh First Minister has warned lockdown easing will not be able to continue after if people flout rules, it comes after two men were arrested and at least one person injured at a mass brawl on a beach.

Police were called to the beach at Ogmore-by-Sea in Wales after hundreds of people gathered on the hottest day of the year.

Social media images and video show huge crowds gathered at Ogmore-by-Sea on Thursday evening before police arrived to move them on.

But Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford warned the easing Covid-19 restrictions would not be able to continue if rules kept getting broke.

Mr Drakeford tweeted: "We will not be able to continue easing restrictions if scenes like last night continue to happen.

"They threaten the health of people in Wales and undermine the sacrifices the majority of people have made during this ongoing crisis."

It comes after the council in Bournemouth declared a "major incident" yesterday after thousands of tourists swamped the town and beach, and disorder broke out on other beaches as Brits started to enjoy the scorching weather.

South Wales Police said they were called to the area at about 8pm on Thursday night to reports of a large gathering and a disturbance taking place.

Ogmore-by-Sea is a seaside village in St Brides Major community in the Vale of Glamorgan
Ogmore-by-Sea is a seaside village in St Brides Major community in the Vale of Glamorgan. Picture: PA

A spokesperson said: "Two men in their 20s were detained by officers, the crowd was dispersed and the council was contacted to close the car park."

"Witnesses have described one person being injured.

"As yet no victims have been identified nor come forward."

The police said they were then called back to the area two hours later as some of the earlier group had returned.