White Van Men's Very Violent Confrontation With Driver

28 March 2017, 12:23

Shocking video has emerged that appears to show a white van driver and passenger violently confronting a driver after a near-miss on the roads of Swindon.

The incident reportedly began when the Vauxhall driver cut in front of the white transit van. A collision was narrowly avoided but the scene then erupted into violence as a passenger leaned into the window of the Astra.

He pushes against the door of the car to stop the driver getting out before leaning in and landing at least six heavy blows on the driver.

When the Vauxhall driver does forces his way out, the confronation intensifies as a third man - wielding some sort of implement in his hand, possibly a surveyor's wheel - also gets involved.

More blows are exchanged as the Vauxhall driver first moves towards the men before hastily retreated. The clip then ends as both sides angrily exchange opinions - all while the dashcam continues to record their confrontation.

Police say they are aware of the incident which took place shortly after 2.30pm on Saturday near the Greenbridge Retail Park in Swindon.