Watch LIVE: Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer go head-to-head at PMQs

20 January 2021, 11:21

By Kate Buck

Boris Johnson is set to go head-to-head against Sir Keir Starmer this afternoon in the weekly PMQ session.

It's been another busy week in UK politics, with the vaccine rollout in full steam.

More than 4 million people have now been given at least one Covid-19 vaccination, and it was announced earlier this week that the jab will now be getting rolled out to the over 70s and clinically vulnerable.

Johnson is also likely to be quizzed on schools, after the government announced they were temporarily suspending plans for regular testing.

There is also rebellion amongst the Tory ranks, with former PM Theresa May writing a damning letter in the Daily Mail this morning.

In it, she accused Johnson of abandoning Britain's position of "global moral leadership" and warned Mr Johnson's threat to override legally-binding obligations in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement risked signalling a "retreat" from the UK's global commitments.

Watch the Commons battle LIVE in the video at the top of this page from 12pm.