Police break up 150-strong rave in derelict London pub and fine organiser £10,000

8 October 2020, 12:27

By Maddie Goodfellow

This is the moment Met police officers entered a derelict east London pub to find more than 150 people attending a "dangerous" illegal rave.

The organiser of the rave has been fined £10,000 under coronavirus laws.

Met police officers were horrified to find more than 150 people packed into the "dangerous" and "unsanitary" venue.

Officers busted the derelict venue on Wythes Road, Docklands, shortly after 9.30am on Sunday following reports of violence from neighbours.

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Sergeant Simon Biggs, who led the police raid, said he was "shocked" by the actions of the ravers during the pandemic.

He said: 'When I arrived on scene, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and was shocked by the event organiser's blatant disregard for the safety of those there. 

"This health crisis has claimed thousands of lives and people attending events such as this risk furthering the spread of this deadly virus."

Police say more than 150 people were at the event
Police say more than 150 people were at the event. Picture: Met Police
Police say the venue was "dangerous and unsanitary"
Police say the venue was "dangerous and unsanitary". Picture: Met Police

Video released by Scotland Yard show police entering the building to try and break up the unlicensed rave.

The clips show debris is strewn on the floor and a piece of guttering having been ripped out.

Officers then walk into the dimly-lit hall and are confronted with more than 100 people, who had set up DJ decks and a large sound system.

Officers order the crowd to leave, and they appear to comply and begin filing out of the building.

Sgt Biggs said: "The conditions at this abandoned pub were awful, there was no running water, poor sanitary conditions, no social distancing measures and most of those attending were not wearing a face covering.

"In addition to the obvious threat of the virus, the building was also evidently in a serious state of disrepair. 

"Water was dripping from the ceiling and there were a number of other hazards. After leaving, officers made sure to secure the building to prevent further access."

A police officer is later seen telling a man believed to be the organiser, that neighbours had complained as they could hear the music from outside "clear as day" and that "people were trying to sleep."