WATCH: Police Chainsaw Through The Front Door Of Home Linked To Drugs, Firearms and Illegal Gambling

29 August 2019, 12:05

The West Midlands Organised Crime Team swooped 14 addresses in a crackdown on drugs, drugs and illegal gambling in the area.

West Midlands police seized shotgun shells, imitation firearms, drugs and cash were seized from 14 addresses linked to organised crime and illegal gambling dens following a raid by the Organised Crime Team.

The team, which involved firearms officers, had to chainsaw through the door of a number of properties in the middle of the night.

Five homes in Birmingham were searched, as well as six rented units in Lozells, following tip offs that gang members were selling drugs, storing firearms and hosting illegal gambling nights.

Officers also found around 30 shotgun cartridges and two live rounds of ammunition. They also found three imitation firearms, including a realistic shotgun.

Three people who were found at the scene gambling and were arrested on suspicion of possession of the ammunition.

Superintendent Tom Joyce, who oversees the team, said, “We’ve taken ammunition and drugs off the streets of Birmingham today, as well as imitation firearms which are incredibly realistic."

“Our team works around the clock to disrupt and dismantle organised crime around Birmingham and we’ll relentlessly pursue those involved."

“Where we can, we’re showing young people the opportunities out there for them in education and employment as an alternative to guns, gangs and organised crime."

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