Watch Police Chase Heroin Dealer At 100mph Through Exeter City Centre

30 September 2017, 13:23

The drug dealer attempted to escape the police before throwing a £3,100 package out of the window

This shocking footage shows a drug dealer driving dangerously to escape police at high speeds before throwing £3,100 worth of heroin out of his car window.

Alan Johnson, 60, narrowly missed oncoming cars and reached speeds of 100mph while being chased through busy commuter roads and narrow lanes in Exeter, Devon.

Officers gave up the chase after seeing him throw a package out of the window and returned immediately to the spot, where they found the heroin in a tennis-ball sized lump.

It was wrapped up in a single plastic ball but contained 310 ready-to-sell £10 deals. Johnson, of Exeter, denied possession of heroin with intent to supply and was found guilty within minutes by a jury at the city's crown court. He had already admitted dangerous driving.

Judge Erik Salomonsen adjourned sentence for a probation report and granted him bail.

During a two-day trial the jury watched CCTV of a chase which started when police pulled up next to Johnson outside Sainsbury in Alphington Road, Exeter on August 17 last year.

He drove off at speed, drove over a zebra crossing on the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing an oncoming car, and took to the back road leading to Matford.

The pursuit continued towards the Bascule Bridge over the Exeter Canal but he pretended to stop before they reached it. He waited until one of the two police officers had got out of their car to approach him before he reversed suddenly, did a u-turn across the traffic in Bridge Road, and headed back the way he had come.

The police gave up the chase after he turned onto the link road heading towards the A38 and Kennford and accelerated to 100mph.

The package contained 310 individual wraps of heroin with a total weight of 24.2 grams had a street value of £3,100.

Johnson claimed he fled the police because he was suffering from anxiety rather than because he had anything to hide.

He said that during the pursuit he remembered he had a small bag of cannabis in his pocket and threw it out of the window.

He said he knew nothing about the heroin which was found at the same location.

Watch the whole chase above.