Thug Decapitates Vicar's Nativity Scene Joseph... Days After Baby Jesus Was Stolen

21 December 2018, 11:24

A vicar’s hidden camera captured the moment a grinning thug decapitated his model Joseph from a nativity scene.

Reverend Danny Morrison placed the camera after a series of similar incidents left the Ipswich church at a loss.

The vicar and his wife, Ari, set up the nativity scene two weeks ago, but within a few days, thieves stole baby Jesus and shortly after, Mary’s head was hacked off.

“When Mary lost her head, we hoped it had been blown off by a gust of wind”, said Rev. Morrison.

The vicar set up a CCTV camera which clearly captured the moment the vandal took Joseph’s head at 11pm on Tuesday.

Footage has been handed to the police, and the couple hope that this will mark the end of the ordeal.

CCTV captures man stealing Joseph's head
CCTV captures man stealing Joseph's head. Picture: East Anglia News Service

“I’m annoyed because my wife and I have so many things to do to prepare for Christmas. We could really do without this,” the vicar complained.

After the attack, Rev. Morrison has had to buy a new polystyrene modelling head, costing £4, before painting it.

But even after all the trouble, the vicar remains generous: “I have already forgiven those who did this, although it is a blasted nuisance.”

The Suffolk Constabulary has confirmed it is investigating a report of criminal damage.