Well That’s One Way To Change Seats

17 November 2016, 09:54 | Updated: 17 November 2016, 09:58

Imagine doing that on your commute! This Swedish man has a hilarious way to change seats on the train.

Marcus Söderberg, posted the hilarious moment on his Instagram account, saying ; “If you quickly need to change seat. Use your head! (Do not try during rush hour!)”

Using the momentum of the train stopping, he flips over the seat in front of him, landing square in the seat in front of him.

However, this may not be a stunt you want to try for yourself. Marcus Söderberg’s Instagram account shows that he is a highly proficient free runner.

Free running or Parkour is a extreme sport that began in France in the 1980’s. It involves using the built environment to perform stunts with nothing more but the athlete's strength.

Parkour seat change