Vladimir Putin pledges to boost armed forces during Victory Day parade

9 May 2019, 12:58 | Updated: 9 May 2019, 13:37

Vladimir Putin has told the annual military Victory Day parade in Red Square that Russia will continue to strengthen its armed forces.

The parade, which included about 13,000 servicemen and women and columns of tanks and ballistic missile launchers, marked the 74th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany.

The Russian president told the crowds: "We have done and will do everything necessary to ensure the high level of readiness of our armed forces.

"We call on all countries to recognise our common responsibility to create a security system that is effective and equal for everyone."

He added: "At the same time, Russia is open for cooperation with all who are ready to resist terrorism, neo-Nazism and extremism."

There were no foreign heads of state at this year's event; however, the Kremlin said the 75th anniversary would be marked with greater pomp as a major milestone.

Authorities used the annual event to boost patriotic feeling at home, which could help with Mr Putin's approval rating which has fallen from 90% five years ago to 66% in April.

The display of raw military power is also designed to show the world and potential buyers of defence hardware how a modernisation programme has changed the face of the Russian military and arms industry.