Ben Kentish's clash with caller who says Rayner 'flaunts herself' like a 'prostitute'

24 April 2022, 18:18 | Updated: 20 October 2022, 11:53

Caller criticises Angela Rayner after controversial Mail story

By Tim Dodd

This was Ben Kentish's fierce exchange with a caller who said Angela Rayner flaunts herself like a "prostitute" and should be "exercising a little bit more decorum" by wearing "sensible clothes".

It comes as Angela Rayner has accused Tory MPs of spreading "desperate, perverted smears" about her by claiming she has sought to distract the Prime Minister provocatively in the Commons.

Tory MPs accused the Deputy Labour leader of trying to put the Prime Minister "off his stride" by crossing and uncrossing her legs during PMQs, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Caller Josaphine told Ben Kentish: "I just think you're forgetting about human nature and human instincts... why did she have to sit in front of him and cross her legs and wear a short skirt?"

"Because she's the deputy leader of the opposition Josaphine, that's why she sits opposite him," Ben replied.

Josaphine said: "Why couldn't she be sensible? It's so ridiculous."

'What? Are you talking about a different House of Commons?!'

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"What's she done wrong in your view, apart from having legs and crossing them?" Ben asked.

Josaphine replied: "Why does she have to flaunt herself? It's like being a prostitute. Walk down the road with everything hanging out, why does she have to do that?"

"She should be exercising a little bit more decorum."

Ben said he was "almost lost for words" over what Josaphine had said, furiously asking: "In what way has Angela Rayner, sitting where her job dictates she has to sit, on the front bench next to Keir Starmer... What is she meant to do in your view Josaphine?!"

Josaphine said Ms Rayner needed to "wear sensible clothes and not flaunt herself in front of everybody".

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