Rachel Johnson verbally abused as PM's sister - 'He swore at me - the C word!'

3 July 2022, 19:52

Rachel Johnson reveals she was verbally abused 'because of who I'm related to'

By James Bickerton

Rachel Johnson has revealed she was verbally abused "because of who I'm related to" at a Rolling Stones gig on Saturday.

Speaking on her LBC show she revealed a man, angry at the actions of her brother's Government, berated her as he walked past carrying drinks.

She commented: 'He swore in my face at a distance of six inches. The F word, the C word.

'Then he went off into a tirade about the Government.

'He left me feeling absolutely crushed.

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Rachel Johnson on Westminster's drinking culture

'That whole joy had gone out of the evening.'

Rachel went on to suggest the incident probably wouldn't have occurred without alcohol.

She said: 'If he hadn't got the beers in earlier he would never have had that in his heart or mind to just randomly verbally abuse me because of who I'm related to.'

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