Rachel Johnson verbally abused as PM's sister - 'He swore at me - the C word!'

3 July 2022, 19:52

By James Bickerton

Rachel Johnson has revealed she was verbally abused "because of who I'm related to" at a Rolling Stones gig on Saturday.

Speaking on her LBC show she revealed a man, angry at the actions of her brother's Government, berated her as he walked past carrying drinks.

She commented: 'He swore in my face at a distance of six inches. The F word, the C word.

'Then he went off into a tirade about the Government.

'He left me feeling absolutely crushed.

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'That whole joy had gone out of the evening.'

Rachel went on to suggest the incident probably wouldn't have occurred without alcohol.

She said: 'If he hadn't got the beers in earlier he would never have had that in his heart or mind to just randomly verbally abuse me because of who I'm related to.'

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