Caller with terminal cancer cries on LBC while seeking life insurance advice

16 November 2020, 18:56 | Updated: 16 November 2020, 19:15

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a caller with terminal cancer broke down in tears on LBC while seeking advice on his life insurance policy.

Gary from Hull called barrister Daniel Barnett to ask how his life insurance policy would be impacted if he refused treatment in the UK or ended his life through assisted suicide abroad with the Swiss organisation Dignitas.

Explaining his situation, Gary said: "I'm 72-year-old. I have life insurance which runs out when I'm 76 [or] 77.

"A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with a cancer which is terminal and it's a bone cancer. It's in my bones and they can't cure it."

Daniel then responded to Gary's query about how his life insurance could be impacted by ending his life through assisted suicide abraod at Dignitas.

The barrister and LBC presenter said: "Insurance companies do understand this situation and, of course, it's very much a developing situation because more and more people now are choosing to consider options like Digntias.

"And a lot of insurance companies...don't want the bad publicity surrounding refusing benefits to people in that situation.

"So if that is what you're considering doing, it might be worth actually speaking to the insurance company...and seeing if they have a policy on it..."

Daniel then made clear to Gary that his wife would not be refused the benefits of the insurance policy if he simply decided to decline palliative care in the UK.

Later in the exchange, Gary told LBC that he has a bone scan this week to see if his cancer has spread further. He then broke down in tears.

The LBC presenter went on to tell Gary that he was displaying "incredible resilience" and "incredible courage".