Mellor: Donald Trump Won't Last His First Term

12 January 2017, 12:09 | Updated: 12 January 2017, 17:22

Donald Trump Point

Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for him! If you’ve got a ranch, bet it on Donald Trump not seeing out his first term.

Mystic Mellor predicts he’ll either be impeached or indicted, or maybe even, as a hugely divisive figure, assassinated (though obviously I hope not). As the Arabs say, it is written.

Why? Because there’s just too much about him – his life, the way he’s lived it, his business practices etc. – to survive scrutiny. And all over America, perhaps all over the world, reporters and others will be beavering away, trying to make public bad stuff much more damaging than the alleged shower of “Golden Rain” in Moscow in 2013.

To recall an old political quip, Trump doesn’t just have a skeleton in his closet, he’s got them hanging like candelabra all over Trump Tower.

Trump has never been a professional politician like Obama, who plainly had presidential ambitions all his life, and took care not to leave much messy stuff behind.

By contrast, Trump, the playboy business billionaire, was fancy free. If it was free, he fancied it.

Mystic Mellor confidently predicts, a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of scandal awaits uncovering.

And a lot will come out, because so many people detest Trump, and want to bring him down. And even before they’ve really got started, Trump's moral and political authority is in tatters.

Think about it; he didn’t win the election, he lost by three million votes. He’s not the leader of a supportive party. He isn’t a committed Republican, just an entryist. Not so long ago he was actually putting money into Clinton campaigns.

The reason all this Golden Rain stuff is in circulation is because it was put out there by Senator John McCain, a senior Republican Senator, indeed a former Republican presidential candidate.

McCain is now talking about hearings on the Hill to look further into this stuff. And the Democrats up there are muttering about impeachment, and Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet!

For an incoming president to be at war with his security agencies isn’t a good look. Nor is tweeting abuse at a Hollywood film star. He’s about to be President of the United States, for heaven's sake. What does it matter what Meryl Streep says about him. Tweeting stuff at her is an even worse look. Totally unsophisticated.

I keep thinking about Ronald Reagan, who I knew quite well. I was invited to his Inauguration in 1981, where Reagan was gracious and charming to everyone, friends and foes alike. I bet Trump won’t be like that next week.

Reagan knew the President of the United States, isn’t the leader of a political faction, he’s the leader of an entire nation. Reagan became Uncle Sam. Abuse – and he got lots - just bounced off him.

I recall that decisive presidential debate in Cleveland, when President Carter rounded on Reagan’s economic policy, saying even his Vice Presidential running mate George Bush Snr, had called it “voodoo economics”.

Reagan wasn’t bothered.  He just leant forward, and off camera, made eye contact with Bush in the front row and winked at him.

And when the cameras came back on to him, Reagan just changed the subject.  That’s classy. Trump would have gone raving mad.

It’s a great achievement for Trump to have been elected President. But the guy’s not presidential. He’s not on any learning curve. He doesn’t need advisors, because he knows it all. And he shoots from the lip with the same lack of intellectual effort as a lot of us break wind.

He thinks he’s still the Jack-the-Lad businessman who can say what he wants.  But he can’t.

Mark my words, Trump is finished before he’s even started.   It’s only a question of when, not whether.

In Carry on Caesar, Kenneth Williams memorably said: "infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me." And they do for you too Donald - even key members of your own part