Trump Really Is A Chump On Torture: David Mellor

26 January 2017, 11:03

Donald Trump pen

ISIS leaders now know for sure there is a God. He has proved it by giving them a gift. Donald Trump.

Because Trump is the best recruiting sergeant these fanatics will ever find.

Trump told ABC News last night that torture “absolutely” works, and that the US should “fight fire with fire”.

Sorry, Mr President but we fight ISIS because their values threaten the civilised world.  We don’t win by becoming as uncivilised as them.

Besides, what does this kind of nonsense say about Trump’s own values?

But I appreciate there will be plenty of people reading this who will think torture is too good for fanatics who do what ISIS do.

So let’s move on to the practicalities.  Trump has pledged to eradicate terrorism.  Just like that! as Tommy Cooper, in many ways a more serious figure than Trump, used to say.
But public espousal of torture won’t do that.  What it will do is drive more and more angry Muslim kids into the arms of ISIS.

ISIS hate us because they are told that the West hates them. If we torture them, it will only give them a further reason to hate us and that can only exacerbate the problem.

The US is not loved in the Arab world.  Trump’s thoughts on torture, plus his demonising of innocent Arabs by making it difficult for them to travel to the US, will make that worse, not better.
All over the Middle East there are American oil and gas engineers, businessmen, Coca Cola salesmen etc. etc, plus loads of tourists.
Every one of them is more vulnerable to attack, and indeed torture, because of what Trump the Chump said last night.
Forget about the Muslim world for a moment, this rubbish will also give President Chump problems at home.
Because what he is proposing is illegal.  A mere nicety to him, I imagine, but not to others.
And once again his utterances have drawn a stern rebuke from Senator John McCain, himself a victim of torture when a prisoner of the Viet Cong, a former Republican Presidential Candidate, and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  McCain said last night; “The President can issue whatever executive orders he likes.  But the law is the law. We are not bringing back torture in the US!”
McCain is a highly decorated war veteran.  The nearest Trump has ever come to close combat is on the dance floor at one of New York’s fashionable discos.
It’s characteristic of Trump to espouse simplistic solutions to complex problems, and then abuse everyone else for being a fool, for not grasping how easy it is to sort these problems out.
Mark my words, Trump is riding for a fall big time.
And when the first American hostages get taken, tortured, and an ISIS spokesman triumphantly recounts Trump’s empty boasts on YouTube, the solids will really hit the fan.