James O'Brien blasts 'tub-thumping tabloid hooligans' over XR protest hypocrisy

4 July 2022, 12:49

By James Bickerton

James O'Brien has launched a blistering attack on the tabloid press for treating Extinction Rebellion as "the sworn enemy of all decent people" and questioned whether today's fuel protesters will get the same coverage.

Demonstrators angry at the cost of fuel are targeting motorways across the UK, causing massive tailbacks by driving deliberately slowly.

At least eight protesters who were carrying out a demonstration along the M4 have been arrested on suspicion of committing a public order offence.

The drivers of the vehicles were told they were being arrested for driving too slow, below the 30mph or more they were told they had to drive to carry out the action legally.

Dozens of police vans and police officers blocked the eastbound and westbound carriageways of the M4 just past the Prince of Wales Bridge into Wales to carry out the arrests.

Speaking on his LBC show James asked if these demonstrators will be demonised in the same way as Extinction Rebellion.

He said: "There are numerous videos of Extinction Rebellion protestors moving out of the road for ambulances and fire engines.

"But if you're a tub-thumping tabloid hooligan you can pretend not to know that, or you have to close your eyes when you're presented with evidence of it.

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"Because what is the job of the tub-thumping tabloid hooligan? To turn everybody into an enemy for a day.

"The problem is they lack the wit or intelligence to realise that if Extinction Rebellion are the sworn enemy of all decent people on a Monday when they disrupt transport networks, then on a Tuesday when it's people protesting against the cost of fuel they by rights should have a target painted on their backs as well."

James added he gives 'moderate' support to both Extinction Rebellion and the fuel price protesters.

He explained: "I'm quite relieved today to find myself in a position where I can offer up moderate and modest support for both groups of people.

"Extinction Rebellion for trying to reduce the amount of fossil fuel in use and protestors today for trying to reduce the cost of the amount of fossil fuel in use."

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