Rachel Johnson urges £30 fine for missing GP appointments

31 July 2022, 20:05

By James Bickerton

Rachel Johnson has called for those who miss a GP appointment to be fined £30 in a bid to cut down on waste in the NHS.

Conservative leadership candidate Rishi Sunak is proposing a £10 fine for missing a GP appointment without good reason.

Speaking on her LBC show Rachel said she would go further, and also suggested charging those who visit A&E and means testing free prescriptions for the over-60s.

She said: "My idea would be charge those who miss appointments £30 because that's what the NHS recons each appointment costs.

"Why not raise it Rishi to £30? Because then the NHS might actually begin to recoup some of the money lost to these missed appointment.

"If people then started turning up it could start dealing with the backlog which starts at over six million. If you're going to grip it you've got to grip this a bit harder.

"I would go even further; I would means test prescriptions for the over-60s many of whom are prepared to pay for their prescriptions, and I would maybe even have a charge for turning up at A&E."

Earlier Rachel suggested a £25 fee for those who turn up at Accident & Emergency.

She commented: "I would go further - £25 for turning up at A&E, means testing over 60s to apply for their free prescriptions."

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