The Budget 2017: How It Affects You

8 March 2017, 13:32 | Updated: 8 March 2017, 13:47

Philip Hammond

After Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his Budget, saying he is "building the foundations of a stronger, fairer, more global Britain". This is how your life will be affected.

Self-Employed People Will Have To Pay More National Insurance
The Chancellor said it was unfair employed and self-employed people paid very different amounts of NI. He has announced a 2% rise in sel-employed Class 4 National Insurance Contributions. raising £145m a year. That works out at 60p per week for self-employed people in Britain.

110 New Free Schools
Mr Hammond announced funding for a further 110 new free schools, on top of the current commitment of 500. Plus, he's providing an additional £216million for existing school improvements.

You'll Be Able To Take T-Levels Instead Of A-Levels
The new technical T-Levels will help give youngsters the skills to be work ready in a number of key industries. These will be for technical education through the further education route.

Big Help To Solve The Social Care Crisis
Chancellor announces an additional £2billion over three years for social care. But options for social care funding to be considered in an upcoming green paper will not include "Labour's hated death tax".

Help To Reduce Huge Waiting Times At A&E Departments
An extra £100m fund to install triage GPs in A&E departments in English hospitals to reduce the number of people who attend A&E unnecessarily.

There Will Be A National Competition To Reduce Traffic Jams
Mr Hammond said he's setting up a £690million competition for local authorities to discover ways to reduce urban congestion. Good news if you're fed up with traffic jams.

Businesses Given Help For Rate Revaluations
Mr Hammond addressed the concerns from small businesses abut new Business Rates. He outlined meausres to help those hit by the revaluations, including a cap in rate increases, a £300million fund and relief for 90 of pubs in England.

No Change For Cigarettes & Alcohol
And finally, tax on both cigarettes and alcohol will stay the same, although there will be a new minimum excise duty on cigarettes based on a packed price of £7.35. And pubs have been given relief to help them compete following the Business Rate revaluations which came into force last month.