Vince Cable Admits He’d Be “Horrified” If His Kids Smoked Cannabis

2 June 2017, 19:00 | Updated: 2 June 2017, 20:06

Vince Cable has admitted he’d be "horrified” if he found out his children had smoked cannabis - despite the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to legalise it.

The former business secretary was asked about his party’s controversial promise during LBC’s Election Call with Andrew Castle.

Under the Lib Dem proposals, it would be legal to sell and grow the class “B” drug as well as allowing licensed shops to sell it to over-18s.

Mr Cable said he “agreed” with the proposals in the interests of “public health” - but admitted he was not “encouraging” its use.

He told LBC: “I’m an extreme puritan about this, I never got into the drug scene and would be horrified if my kids went anywhere near it.

“It’s to stop young people getting terrible mental conditions from consuming skunk.”

Cannabis Vince Cable
Andrew asked if it was “tough” being a Lib Dem and having such policy in this party’s manifesto.

“No” Mr Cable replied, “I want to stop the criminal underworld running the drugs market because what’s happening at the moment… is cannabis is freely available.

“The criminals who run this system mix this drug and produce highly potent varieties which do terrible damage to our young people.”