Nuttall Says: "Ban Saudi And Qatari Funding Of UK Mosques"

6 June 2017, 10:01 | Updated: 6 June 2017, 17:52

The Ukip leader told LBC that closing down mosques funded by countries with evidence of funding extremism needs is needed to fight terrorism.

During the third LBC Leaders Live phone in with Nick Ferrari, Mr Nuttall made clear where he believes the blame for radicalisation lies.

“I think we now need to look at Saudi and Qatari funding of mosques in this country.”

He made reference to an investigation that David Cameron ordered the Home Office to undertake in 2015, the findings of which Mr Nuttall says the government will not release.

He suspects the report of the investigation will reveal that “there’s a huge amount of Saudi funding of radicalisation.”

To fight this, Mr Nuttall said that in the first instance funding of these mosques should be stripped, something he says Austria is planning to do and something that he believes will happen “right across Europe.”

Nick asked, if a mosque is found to be preaching some form of extremism, should it be shut down? “Yes.” Mr Nuttall said.

Re-watch the whole interview here.