EU warns Boris they expect vote on Brexit agreement as soon as possible

13 December 2019, 09:25

EU President has said they are ready for the next stage
EU President has said they are ready for the next stage. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

The President of the EU has told Boris Johnson the bloc expects a Parliamentary vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement "as soon as possible."

Following Boris Johnson's Conservative Party securing a majority in the general election, the focus will now move to Brexit.

European Council President Charles Michel congratulated Mr Johnson on his victory and said: "We expect a vote on the withdrawal agreement as soon as possible.

He said the EU was "ready for the next phase", adding: "We will negotiate a future trade deal which ensures a true level playing field."

The Tory Party leader built his election campaign around the slogan "get Brexit done," and with the EU pushing it seems sure the next major political event will be debate around the UK's exit from the European Union.

At a victory speech to supporters in Westminster, Mr Johnson pledged Brexit will get done by January 31 "no ifs, no buts".

He said: "And I will make it my mission to work night and day, flat out to prove that you were right in voting for me this time and to earn your support in the future.

"And I say to you that in this election your voice has been heard, and about time too.

"Because we politicians have squandered the last three years, three and a half years in squabbles - we've even been arguing about arguing, and arguing about the tone of our arguments.

"I will put an end to all that nonsense and we will get Brexit done on time by the January 31 - no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

"Leaving the European Union as one United Kingdom, taking back control of our laws, borders, money, our trade, immigration system, delivering on the democratic mandate of the people."

The Tories had pledged to "get Brexit done."
The Tories had pledged to "get Brexit done.". Picture: PA

Legislation needed to give the Withdrawal Agreement legal status before January 31 is expected to be put before Parliament within a week, with Mr Johnson's majority it is certain to pass.

The final push to “get Brexit done” has already begun, with talk of the House of Commons being asked to sit on the Saturday before Christmas and the House of Lords having to sit between Christmas and New Year.

The earliest possible date for the second reading of the Bill is Friday, December 20 or Monday, December 23.