Fight breaks out at John McDonnell's vote count

13 December 2019, 03:42

Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

A fight broke out in the crowd at the Hayes and Harlington vote count whilst John McDonnell was giving his victory speech.

Police were forced to intervene as angry scenes overshadowed the moment the Shadow Chancellor's addressed the crowd.

The Labour politician was heckled throughout his speech by a man shouting "terrorist."

Men from rival political groups came to blows in the audience, with one woman being heard saying to the media: "What's the matter with you lot? You're all fake, you all lie to the people."

Mr McDonnell lost more than 10 per cent of his vote, however he maintained a lead of more than 9,000 votes over his closest rival.

In his victory speech, the Labour veteran said: "It is quite clear that there are fears also now for our democracy and the rise of the extreme right.

"But I say now we will organise and we will ensure this type of democracy will reign, and the democratic wishes of our people will be respected, and this sort of extreme right wing violence will not be tolerated within our society."

Several people with lanyards on had to be pulled apart, with bystanders capturing the incident on mobile phones.

Speaking afterwards, Mr McDonnell said: "I'm worried about the nature of the extremist politics that's developing in this country and we have to be careful for that.

"And we have to be careful in the way individual politicians speak that may enable that to happen, and I caution the Prime Minister to that effect."

Shortly after the scuffle broke out, Jeremy Corbyn announced he would not lead the Labour Party into another general election.

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