General Election 2019: 10 big-name politicians at risk of losing their seats

11 December 2019, 18:09 | Updated: 11 December 2019, 18:12

General Election 2019: 10 big-name politicians at risk of losing their seats
General Election 2019: 10 big-name politicians at risk of losing their seats. Picture: PA

Which 10 big-name politicians are at risk of losing their seats in the general election? The polls are here to tell you.

Dominic Raab
The foreign secretary is just two-points ahead of the Liberal Democrats in his Esher and Walton constituency and faces a fight to keep his seat.

Dominic Raab's constituency - Esher and Walton
Dominic Raab's constituency - Esher and Walton. Picture: YouGov

Iain Duncan Smith
The former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has been the MP for Chingford and Woodford Green since its merge in 1997 - but as the demographic changes he is at risk from Labour.

Iain Duncan Smith's seat - Chingford and Woodford
Iain Duncan Smith's constituency - Chingford and Woodford. Picture: YouGov

Zac Goldsmith
A battle for Richmond Park will commence as the constituency, a strong remain area, is tipped to become a Liberal Democrat seat which will mean Sarah Olney will take his Conservative seat.

Zac Goldsmith's seat - Richmond Park
Zac Goldsmith's constituency - Richmond Park. Picture: YouGov

Anna Soubry
The former Conservative and current leader of the Independent Group for Change is likely to lose her seat in Nottinghamshire's Broxtowe by quite a margin, according to the polls.

Anna Soubry's seat - Broxtowe
Anna Soubry's consituency - Broxtowe. Picture: YouGov

Ed Miliband
While the former leader of the Labour party has held his seat in Doncaster North for 14 years, the Conservatives will be targeting it - in stark contrast with Milliband's pro-Remain stance, 72% of his constituency voted Leave.

Ed Milliband's seat - Doncaster North
Ed Milliband's constituency - Doncaster North. Picture: YouGov

Caroline Flint
The Labour party have held Don Valley's seat since 1922, however polls show that Caroline Flint is at risk from the Conservatives in this Brexit-backing constituency.

Caroline Flint's constituency - Don Valley
Caroline Flint's constituency - Don Valley. Picture: PA

Chuka Umunna
Accused by LBC's Iain Dale of being a "party flip flopper", this Labour turned Lib Dem minister will have to count on a late surge of votes to beat the Conservatives to represent the Cities of London and Westminster.

Chuka Umunna's constituency - Cities of London and Westminster
Chuka Umunna's constituency - Cities of London and Westminster. Picture: YouGov

Jo Swinson
The polls show Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party are extremely popular in the Lib Dem leader's constituency of East Dunbartonshire and may pip her to the post.

Jo Swinson's constituency - East Dunbartonshire
Jo Swinson's constituency - East Dunbartonshire. Picture: YouGov

Dominic Grieve
The former attorney-general, who lost the Tory whip after blocking a no-deal Brexit, is standing as an independent and is currently quite a few points behind his fellow Conservative candidate.

Dominic Grieve's constituency - Beaconsfield
Dominic Grieve's constituency - Beaconsfield. Picture: YouGov

Therese Villiers
The Environment Secretary is certainly at risk of losing her seat to Labour according to the polls - her constituency of Chipping Barnet voted 59-41 to Remain in the 2016 EU referendum.

Therese Villiers's constituency - Chipping Barnet
Therese Villiers's constituency - Chipping Barnet. Picture: YouGov