General Election: Nicky Morgan's immediate reaction to the exit poll

13 December 2019, 00:17

Nicky Morgan's Reaction To The Exit Poll
Nicky Morgan's Reaction To The Exit Poll. Picture: LBC

This is Culture Secretary's Nicky Morgan's response to the exit poll that predicted a huge victory for the Conservatives.

Ms Morgan was keen not to overplay the result of the poll, but believes it shows that the UK wants Boris Johnson to 'Get Brexit Done'.

Speaking on Britain Decides, LBC's election night programme, she said: "It's a projection, it's the start of the night, we have to exercise some caution over this.

"If this or something like this is borne out, what it does say is the message that we picked up on the doorsteps which is, do you want the country the country to be able to move forward?Do you want there to be a clear decision and people said 'yes.'

"They do want to see the country having that momentum and the reason we're having this election is because Parliament is completely gridlocked, much the frustration to the many of us who have been there for three and a half years.

"It will give Boris Johnson the majority to get Brexit done."