Conservative And Labour MPs Clash On Labour's Election Prospects

4 May 2018, 00:38 | Updated: 4 May 2018, 06:26

Things got fiery when MPs clashed over Labour's local election expectations.

This is the moment things got heated between Labour's Barry Gardiner and the Conservative's James Cleverly on local election night.

During the six hour special, the subject turned to the hotly contested Wandsworth council.

The Labour MP said "the idea that we would take Wandsworth depends on getting thirteen seats.

"We currently have nineteen seats. The idea that we're going to take Wandsworth I think is fanciful, and it's a bit of spin that's been put out there. 'Oh Labour are going to do this in London, they're going to sweep the board', no."

James Cleverly
James Cleverly. Picture: LBC

James Cleverly immediately fired back.

He said "Spin put out by you lot.

"I'm sorry, we've been quite clear about this. The Conservative party is eight years in to government. Eight years in to a Labour government, Labour had lost 4,000 councillors."

He went on to say "It wasn't our spin that had Owen Jones and Sadiq Khan and various other people saying there is no part of London that couldn't turn red. It was the Labour party that was saying that they were going to take Wandsworth, take Westminster take these things.

"The idea that you're now saying oh no we never suggested that was on the cards is a bit much."